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Who We Are

Wellness is a holistic approach to living a healthy and happy life. Wellness is the balance of multiple dimensions and a positive state in which knowledge, attitude, perception, and skill of each dimension is critical for successfully moving along the continuum toward optimal health and functioning. MyTendWell teaches you the skills necessary to achieve optimal wellness by educating you about each dimension and providing you with the tools to work on each dimension.

The My Tend Well Flower

Need some instruction on form and technique with exercises? Perhaps you are interested in correcting poor posture or body mechanics while at work. Check out one of Dr. K’s movement videos and learn some new techniques. Dr. K has over 20 years experience instructing movement and holds her PhD in kinesiology (motor control and learning) and biological anthropology (functional morphology) and is an expert in movement mechanics. Play and follow the videos below and learn how to improve your body mechanics.

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Interested in learning how to cook something new? Maybe you’d like an idea on fixing chicken a little differently – spice it up or put a new spin on it, Chef D can show you how. Chef D has nearly 30 years experience preparing cuisine of all flavors and styles and can teach you to fix something you’d never thought you’d cook on your own. Check out one of his videos below.

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